Glossy, fast drying 2-component pad printing ink for glass and many other substrates. TampaGlass TPGL impresses with excellent appearance, is easy to use and universally applicable thanks to very good adhesion and high resistances.

MagnaPrint ND Extra

ND Extra

MagnaPrint® ND Extra is a non drying ready made pigment paste suitable for printing on white (light) backgrounds.

MagnaPrint Discharge ULF

Discharge ULF

MagnaPrint® Discharges are are range of bases that can achieve different results, varying from strong, bright shades to pastel shades.

MagnaPrint White TC

White TC

MagnaPrint® White TC is high solids water based ink created for printing on light or coloured backgrounds. It has been designed to give excellent opacity and soft handle.MagnaPrint® White TC.

MagnaPrint Aquaflex V2 Range

Aquaflex V2 Neutral

MagnaPrint® AquaFlex V2 Range is a high solids water based ink for printing on light or coloured backgrounds. It has been designed to give excellent print performance and open time on high mesh screens.

Water-based 640x640


Water Based Ink Amex TEXPRINT MONO ensure a superior print quality, have excellent adhesion properties and require no drying apparatus.

Cleaning Swabs

The LT000125 large, rectangular swabs are designed as a general purpose swab for cleaning small and confined areas.



Mara Jet DI-UR flushing cartridge is primarily used when converting from a non-brand Roland ink or for routine maintenance only.



Mara® Jet DI-GR was especially developed for established super wide format machines running Konica Minolta and Ricoh print heads. Mara® Jet DI-GR is suitable for signage applications and printer models employing Konica or Ricoh print head technology such as Konica Minolta 512, Ricoh Gen 4, Ricoh Gen 5.