Orajet 3676 Printable One Way Vision

Perforated special white glossy PVC film with a black backing for use on smooth transparent substrates and glass. After printing on the film surface, the picture becomes visible as the perforated black backing allows light to pass through. The ration of the printable area to the total surface is 60%. The small hole diameter of 1,5 mm enables relatively special fine print.

  • Perforated special PVC film (140 micron)
  • Hole diameter of 1.5 mm
  • 60% printable area
  • Black back side
  • For outdoor applications, e.g. shop windows, vehicle window panes, not laminated or laminated with ORAGUARD® 297.
  • Solvent polyacrylate, permanent


Standard Widths (mm)

  • 1370


Standard Lengths (m)

  • 50


Recommended Laminating and Mounting Films