Cleaning Swabs

The LT000125 large, rectangular swabs are designed as a general purpose swab for cleaning small and confined areas.


DI-UR Cleaner

Mara Jet DI-UR flushing cartridge is primarily used when converting from a non-brand Roland ink or for routine maintenance only.

Tubassist Fix 102W

Is a high temperature retainer used for improvements in the degree of sustainability of stamps and flocked effects of washing and rubbing, as well as dry cleaning, significantly increases as well as improves the adhesion of problematic materials.



Thermoplastic adhesive granulate, for the preparation of transfers of flocking in combination with TUBITRANS ELASTOBOND.


GLH/MGLH Hardener

GLH Hardener is recommended for use with Marabu Glass GL Inks and the MGLH Hardener is recommended for use with Marabu Glass TPGL.