CAD-CAM Vinyls


Vinyl for decorating glass or glazed surfaces indoor and outdoor, with 80 mic polymeric PVC film, high tack high cohesion permanent adhesive and 125 gr Clay coated kraft paper liner.

Architectural Films

It is a silver/metalized double-layer window film series for buildings in ideal thickness, offering different tone options. These films are produced with advanced technology. Use of ORACAL® Commercial S Series in vehicles is inconvenient due to mirror effect.

Safety Window Films

It is a double-layered (Only 100 micron version is one-layered) and safety window film with ideal thickness, transparent and colorful options, preventing glass from being scattered.

Decorative Films

ORACAL Decorative Window Films offer a tremendous cost advantage in comparison to etched glasses made in traditional methods.

ORAJET 3930 Photoluminescent

Three-layered, light yellow, cadmium-free high Premium Cast PVC film with a glossy surface. The afterglow effect is characterised by a lasting and very strong afterglow once the active light source has been switched off.

Grafix Gone 640x640

Grafix Gone

Grafix Gone is an adhesive remover that softens adhesive residue for easy removal. Won’t damage plastics and eliminates the need for additional cleaning.