Digital Printing

ALLDECOR 2D P HT 190 Textured Wallpaper

Decorative polypropylene (PP) textured film whose formulation is free of halogen, plasticizers and formaldehyde components, with surface protected against abrasion and scratches by a transparent thermoset varnish and back coated with a primer for easy application. Standard thickness varies between 0.10 mm and 0.20 mm, depending on the application and design. High performance high tack adhesive that gives it excellent cohesion and high adhesiveness and polyethylene (PE) liner that gives it great stability. Ecological product with impressive physical properties, resistant to water, moisture and mold, and with great flexibility.


Product used for interior decoration, 160 mic polymeric matte textured PVC with fire resistance, high performance high tack permanent adhesive and 135 g/sqm double side PE liner. Offers great mechanical resistance and excellent dimensional stability.


White matt printable polypropylene film with high quality coating, white backing, provides high print opacity. Eco-friendly PVC-free product. Available widths: 0.91m, 1.07m, 1.27m and 1.52m. Compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, UV and latex inks, with perfect colour reproduction. The product is mainly suitable for digital inkjet printing and other printing methods with eco ink, UV and latex. Pay attention to control the viscosity of the ink. It is necessary to test the ink before printing. Sticky ink should be avoided to prevent coating peeling. For the use of HP Latex, a drying temperature of 85 ~ 90ºC is recommended.


Material 100% PVC free fabric, matte surface. Double sides coated with one side white and one side silver. Able to print in both sides. With the contrast of the light it has a spectacular optical effect. Material with high opacity. Compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV printing.

Crystal Clear Printable Vinyl

Crystal clear PVC film is a printable super high transparent vinyl for perforated window graphics (One way vision). Clean by water easily, super high transparent ability. Compatible with Solvent, latex and UV inks.

Anti-Graffiti Ultra Clear Laminate

A transparent polyester film gloss, 36μ, one-sided silicone PET liner (50μ) and equipped with an ultra-clear solvent acrylic adhesive (permanent), suitable for bonding various surfaces for example on commercial slabs, glass, metal or plastic.



Introducing a new range of printable wallpapers. Available are 6 printable wallpapers (Brushed, Quartz, Wood, Stone, Mural and Plaster)