Heat Transfer Vinyl

3D Techno 640x640

3D Techno Heat Vinyl

3D TECHNO™ is a plotter cut PU, that expands when heat transferred. The final appearance of the decoration is a 3D effect similar to screen printed ink. It can not be overlayered. Polyester backing.

Brick Heat Vinyl

Very thick PU plotter cut material, with polyester backing. Despite the outstanding thickness, the material grants easy cutting, weeding and application and a high washing resistance.

Hi-5 640x640

Hi-5 Heat Vinyl

Fast application (5 sec) PU plotter cut heat seal vinyl on adhesive polyester backing. The material is thin, elastic, soft to the hand and blends well into the textiles.

Glitter 2

Polyurethane heat seal material with high thickness glitters and adhesive polyester backing. It has a rough and brilliant surface.