Marabu Porcelain & Glass Painter KiDS

This mug set is a fun and easy way for children to transform a simple mug into a colourful drinking vessel. Whether with their own name or a message for their nearest and dearest, and for their own mug collection or as a thoughtful gift – everything tastes so much better from a lovingly decorated mug!

Marabu KiDS Brush and Sponge Sets

Marabu KiDS craft accessories are perfectly adapted to the requirements of children. Marabu KiDS provides young craft enthusiasts with everything they need for their hobby. Guaranteed success for any work of art.

Marabu KiDS Fabric Pen Set

A T-shirt with your own name or your favourite superhero: with Marabu KIDS fabric markers in 10 bright colours (blue, yellow, green, black, red, brown, pink, lilac, orange, make-up) cotton basics can be turned into unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else!

Marabu KiDS T-Shirt Paint

This thick paint is simple to apply and the colours can be easily mixed. Application: only use on dry textiles with max. 20% synthetic fibres that are free of finishes and fabric conditioner. Once the design has dried, set it by ironing the front of the fabric through a thin cloth for 3 minutes on a cotton setting (no steam) or fix in a 150 °C oven for 8 minutes.

Marabu KiDS Window Color Set

Windows allow views in and out – and with this Marabu KIDS Window Color Set, they become a canvas on which your favorite animals romp around. The set contains 6 x 25 ml Marabu KiDS Window Color (013 Orange, 046 Medium Brown, 067 Lime Green, 073 Outline Black, 090 Light Blue, 178 Grey), 1x pattern sheet DIN A3 with 16 animal motifs and 1x painting film DIN A4.