Craft Heat Press

Upgrade from that tiny home iron with the Siser® Craft Heat Press! Offering a 9″ x 12″ application area, the Siser® Craft Heat Press allows you to elevate your crafting experience with consistent heat and even pressure with each press!

Juliet Vinyl Cutter

Juliet may look innocent enough at first, but despite the compact size and sultry shine this high-definition cutter is a cut above the rest – you might even say she’s at balcony level. From fine detail to extensive lengths, Juliet is capable of completing projects of all kinds so you can make more than ever before.

JF-2418 UV Printer

JF-2418UV owns a user-friendly interface and unique functions including tactile printing ability, high gap printing function, and cold foil sleeking capability that provides great versatility and uplifts printing possibility.

XL1600 Cold Laminator

Cold roll-to-roll pneumatic laminator 1600mm. Take-Up system included. Silicone roll (heated) 130mm, maximum temperature 60°C. Material thickness up to 30mm.

DTF Printer A4/A3 EPSON XP15000

Print high-quality glossy photos with Epson’s smallest A3 + photo printer. Despite its small footprint, the XP-15000 is capable of printing A3+ photos. It is also characterized by its elegant design, whatever the angle from which you look at it.

iCap-E Heat Press

Entry level mug press iCap-E with adjustable pressure, time and temperature controller. Easy to use! Durable cast aluminium frame. Ideal for startup and medium production.