TruePix™ Sublimation Paper

Sawgrass TruePix sublimation paper is made to specifically work with the Sawgrass SG400, SG800, SG500 and SG1000 sublimation printers and inks.  TruePix sublimation paper is available in A4 and A3.

ORALITE® 5910 High Intensity Prismatic Grade

ORALITE® retroreflective films series 5910 High Intensity Prismatic Grade are highly reflective, weatherproof, self-adhesive films with excellent corrosion and solvent resistance. The product was specifically developed for the manufacture of traffic control, guidance, warning and information signs, which are intended for long term vertical outdoor use.

Fotecoat 1830 Emulsion

Fotecoat 1830 is a ready to use emulsion, red, medium viscosity, 47% solid content with an exposure time of about 50% slower compared to 1833 and therefore the resolution is accordingly higher.


ORATAPE MT82 Application Tape

Semi-transparent mounting paper with excellent layflat characteristics, good dimensional stability and high resistance to moisture, for the transfer of die-cut or computer-cut letters and symbols.

Doming Resin and Hardener

A doming resin (T825L) and hardener (K865) with enough viscosity and surface tension to sit neatly in a dome on top of your artwork without running down the sides.

3D Techno 640x640

3D Techno Heat Vinyl

3D TECHNO™ is a plotter cut PU, that expands when heat transferred. The final appearance of the decoration is a 3D effect similar to screen printed ink. It can not be overlayered. Polyester backing.

Brick Heat Vinyl

Very thick PU plotter cut material, with polyester backing. Despite the outstanding thickness, the material grants easy cutting, weeding and application and a high washing resistance.