Wilflex Epic Flexipuff

Epic HD Clear 2

Wilflex™ Epic HD Clear 2 is a non-phthalate clear developed to create the appearance of glass, gel, water or high gloss surfaces.

Wilflex Genesis Series


Wilflex Genesis (GNS) plastisol inks are specifically formulated for high productivity weton- wet printing. Although most Genesis inks are opaque, optimum opacity is achieved with Genesis Super inks.

Wilflex Epic Series

Epic PF

Wilflex Epic puts the most advanced, non-phthalate ink technology to work for you. Simple to use and easy to print, Epic inks are based on well-known and time tested formulations from our classic line of inks.

Plastisol Inks

Plast PF

Amex Plastisol Inks ensure a superior printing quality. The coverage and hold over time of the Plastisol Inks are significantly superior to Water-Based Inks.