RX II Plotter

Designed with a stylish appearance and new functional features, the RX II series is the top notch cutter in the market for professional sign makers.

Puma IV Plotter

Powered by a digitally controlled servo system, the Puma IV produces eye-catching graphics with a cutting speed of up to 40 ips (1020mm/sec) and a cutting force of 500 grams, with 5 meters (16.4 feet) tracking ability.

AR-24 640x640

AR-24 Plotter

The best choice in a beginner cutting plotter. With the possession of a posh style, AR-24 performs perfectly in cutting with its optimised cutting speed and force and lead to a stunning cutting quality, yet it is priced at a startup level and is worthy of return on investment.


Jaguar V Plotter

The all-new Jaguar V series of vinyl cutting plotters includes the Jaguar V models (J5-61, J5-101 and J5-132), and Jaguar V LX models (J5-61LX, J5-101LX, J5-132LX and J5-183LX). With intuitive features to meet the demands of today’s professionals, the Jaguar V series represents the apex of vinyl cutting plotter technology.

i-craft 2.0 640x640

iCraft 2.0 Plotter

A portable desktop cutting plotter with the highest cutting force and cutting speed, ideal for micro-business, start-ups, schools, restaurants, offices and stores.

Puma III

Puma III Plotter

Powered by a digitally controlled servo system, the Puma III produces eye-catching graphics with up to 33 ips (849mm/sec) cutting speed, 400g of cutting force and five meters (16.4 feet) of tracking ability.