Reflective & Warning Tapes

5431 ND 640x640

5431 ND

ORALITE® 5431 Construction Grade films are weatherproof, self-adhesive retroreflective films with an excellent corrosion and solvent resistance. The retroreflective system of the ORALITE® 5431 Construction Grade consists of catadioptric glass beads which are embedded in a transparent layer of plastic material (classification RA1, design A, former Type I). The smooth surface has a high scratch resistance and a good printability. The minimum reflection data corresponds to EN 12899-1. The daylight colours corresponds to the international norms for reflective materials of this class.

5071 ND 640x640

5071 ND

ORALITE® 5071 Lettering Film is a black high-performance PVC film which thanks to the use of special polymeric, non-migrating plasticizers and UV-stabilizers guarantees maximum light fastness and weathering resistance. The material is available in glossy and matt. ORALITE® 5071 Lettering Film contains an identification water mark (OR) and features good dimensional stability and optimum cutting and processing properties.

VC 104+ 640x640

VC 104+

ORALITE® VC 104+ Rigid Grade is a tough weather resistant product designed for rugged outdoor use. The material is intended for application as conspicuity marking on trucks and trailers with rigid sides.