Screen Printing

Curing Oven

Electric oven for small items and plastisol inks. Speed ​​regulation with inverter. Temperature control with electronic pyrometer of accuracy 180°C.

Drying Rack

Ideal for placing your transfer paper on so as they dry individually. It is on wheels for easy transportation.

Flash Dryer

An automatic oven with its own wheel base for easy movement and installation onto the silkscreen machine.

S-Type Xtreme Screen Printing Machine

Our innovative and user friendly M-Touch Pro tablet/pad style main command unit provides simple ‘finger-tip’ controls for all operator functions and has full WIFI capability for instant and real-time technical support, no matter where you are located in the world.

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X-Type Plus Screen Printing Machine

The AC-driven indexer provides super-fast production speeds (in either direction) whilst AC-frequency drive printing heads deliver smooth and consistent printing strokes at all speeds and pressures for superior image quality and precise repeatability.

Silk-Screen T-Shirt 4 Colours

A four colour station that can be equipped with four screen plates simultaneously and rotate independently. It is also equipped with four screen plates that can rotate independently too.