Pro Wrap Plastic 360

With the right tool at hand, even the most complicated jobs succeed to the customer’s satisfaction – preferably with a squeegee that is as versatile as the daily work of a signmaker.

Yel-lo Plek Squeegee

Yel-Lo Plek  Versatile squeegee with ergonomic shape. No matter if it’s signmaking applications, vehicle window tinting, car wrapping or PPF applications: with the different shore hardnesses and two different cross-section profiles, the Yel-Lo Plek is perfectly usable as a mini-squeegee for applications on narrow or slightly curved areas of the car body, for deeper lying areas such as bumpers or for lifting rubber seals.

Pro Wrap Betty

ProWrap Betty The new plastic squeegee for perfect car wrapping results, safe and fast squeegeeing for every partial and full wrap thanks to the new, patented 30° shape!

Ape Duo Squeegee

APE DuoGreen and DuoRed  Professional squeegee in two degrees of hardness for window tinting films and paint protection films.