Tools & Accessories

Speed Clips

Speed clips for easy handling of film rolls. The original Yellotools SpeedClips are Made in Germany and only genuine with our logo in the handle part.
These practical helpers hold roll media securely together and therefore save vast amounts of adhesive and masking tape.

Wrap Stick Flex

Squeegee stick for professional vinyl wrapping of trims and seals. WrapStick Flex features a long, flexible tip for detail wraps where the film is applied beneath trims and rubber gaskets. The shorter end of the tool tip is perfect for round areas that are too small for human fingers. Especially parking distance sensors can be perfectly wrapped using the flexible tip of this small squeegee.

Wrap Stick Carson

WrapStick Carson Mini squeegee for easy film application behind rubber seals. This unique car wrapping tool is equipped with two different tool tips:  On one side, a flat spade shape that makes it easy to apply and cut the self-adhesive film in deep and hard-to-reach places. On the other side of the WrapStick Carson is a narrow tapered tip. It is ideal for working car films into beads and other narrow recesses.

Speed Magnet

Mounting magnet as a third hand for professional vinyl applicators. This strong mounting magnet has become a real classic. It was specially developed for signmakers to fix and apply graphics and digital prints without any outside help. The so-called accordion technique can also be used with the SpeedMag HD.