Water Based

MagnaPrint White TC

White TC Screen Printing Base

MagnaPrint® White TC is high solids water based ink created for printing on light or coloured backgrounds. It has been designed to give excellent opacity and soft handle.MagnaPrint® White TC.

Water-based 640x640


Water Based Ink Amex TEXPRINT MONO ensure a superior print quality, have excellent adhesion properties and require no drying apparatus.



Pigment suspensions in concentrated form for the colouring of water based screen printing pastes and adhesive dispersions; metal pigment pastes, coloured glitter types and luminescent pigment powder for screen printing pastes based on water and plastisol.


Tubitrans BOND ES

Dispersion adhesive applied in screen printing for performing direct effects on textile flock without electrostatic flocking, preferably in combination with other colour prints (TEXFLOCK system). In addition, it is used for the preparation of flocked reasons transferable system according TUBITRANS by applying a single layer of adhesive.


Printperfekt 226 EC

Thermosetting paste screen printing, water-based, ready for printing, to obtain colour prints on light coloured textiles, environmentally friendly and free of benzene, Phthalate and APEO.