Oracal 351 Polyester Film

Metallised polyester film with excellent dimensional stability and good long-term ageing properties. Specially designed for use as a plotter film, as it has a top-coated surface for printing. Available in chrome, matt chrome, chrome-brushed and double-sided glossy gold.

  • Metallised polyester film (23 micron / 50 micron)
  • 23 micron: Chrome, matt chrome, and gloss gold on both sides
  • 50 micron: Chrome-brushed, Rose gold
  • Top coated surface for printing
  • Excellent dimensional stability and good long-term ageing properties
  • For first class decorative labels, name- and technical plates, decorations and symbols
  • Solvent polyacrylate, permanent
  • Service life: 2 years (gold: 1 year)


Standard Widths (mm)

  • 1260


Standard Lengths (m)

  • 50